Dolphins and Porpoise Arrive in the Forth

The dolphins can be a spectacular sight, when hunting just offshore.

The dolphins can be a spectacular sight when hunting just offshore.

One of the real signifiers of summer hitting the East Lothian coast is the increase in sightings of the Bottlenose Dolphins and Porpoises which periodically make the Firth of Forth their home. The last couple of weeks have seen just that occurring, with the local Countryside Ranger service reporting the presence of two separate pods (of 4 and 6 dolphins each) off the North Berwick coast.

These dolphins are offshoots from the larger pods which are more commonly sighted further north, in the Moray Firth. From time to time however, some make their way further south in order to seek out other schools of fish to hunt.

Lucky FatBike Tours riders may have the chance to see these beautiful animals as they leap and feed off some of the quieter bays we come across.

More information on the Forth Dolphins can be found on the Scottish Seabird Centre website.

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